A Cautionary Tale

To all those who quilt or do any kind of art —- if you are preparing a piece that you have put a lot of time & effort in making then for heavens sake clean the surface very very well that you are using BEFORE THE final preparations

! I have compromised a piece that has been several YEARS in the making by re-doing a Gallery wrap on my cutting board that had developed some nasty but subtle dirt/grease spots that ended up on my piece;-(  Now I get to re-do part of it so CLEAN YOU CUTTING BOARD or Preparation surface…no matter WHAT !  

Now onto happier stuff.  I have been dying & painting fabric for the background of this Giant Madrona Leaf that is in the process of being quilted.  So here are the results so far.

This is the outside sun printing I was able to do prior to the smoke entering our perfect world.

Sun printing

sun printing on our deck


Sunprinting using Madrona Leaves

Chartreuse Setacolour Result with Madrona Leaves




This is the result with a much more yellow hue that the Setacolor looked to me in the bottle!

I am going to show you what it looks like turned to the back which should work better for a background that the front !




Maybe I’ll do more processes such as screen printing some additional greens to settle things down…soo many possibilities!

Can you see the leaves???
















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