The Process of Creating this Leaf!

I started this leaf on July 22nd.  I spend about 4-6 hours in my studio daily.  Not that noble as the smoke kept me inside for a lot of it.  (Neil Diamond on the 24th in Vancouver with my daughter so nothing done then). So here is the process in a visual way.  I’m still finishing the edges with a third round of satin stitch. This is August 12 & the beat goes on! 

#1-The choices

Lost the idea of the 3D stem as my leaf protested a lot when we had a discussion! I heard it so the extra backing was ripped out!  Sewing /Studio time in the morning then I rip out in the afternoon in front of some Netflix movie or PBS taped show so I don’t get bored! I’m NOT bored.  But I am focused at the moment as there is a finite time to get this puppy done!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful smokeless week!


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